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Saturday, August 25, 2007

NFL Preseason SuperPower Rankings

In the same vein as my 100 Greatest Movies Project, here's my NFL Power Rankings based on the Power Rankings of most of the leading sports sites. I include ratings from the following sports sites: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, USA Today. I'm willing to take in NBC Sports, Yahoo, and Sporting News if they choose to take part in this excersize. One point per rank; #1=1, #2=2, so on. Lower scores score higher. The asterisk indicates a Lineal Title holder.

Note: The Fox Sports rankings occured at the start of this month; the others, right after the draft. Among other things, it explains why they rank the Falcons near the bottom when the others put them in the middle of the pack.
Team NameTW (LW)ESPNCBSFoxSI.comUSATComments
Patriots1-T12221Should be a lot scarier with Randy Moss.
Colts1-T21113Don't sleep on SB champs, or overstate impact of losses.
Chargers333332Maybe the most talented team in the NFL.
Saints467444One of the NFC's best teams only improved. The D is still an issue.
Ravens546575Expect McGahee to be an immediate help on offense.
Bears655756A lot of question marks but the SB defense is still there.
Broncos774667Made some impact additions in offseason. Will Cutler be enough?
Eagles8881289If McNabb's healthy, they could be a powerhouse.
Seahawks911158910They need a healthy Alexander to remain top dog in a tougher division.
Bengals1010109178Bengals underperformed last year, but D still an issue.
Cowboys1199131411The good news is they dumped Parcells. The bad news is they dumped Parcells. All eyes on Romo.
Jets121216101112Revis, Harris, Jones are impact additions, but still not enough D.
Steelers131311151213Will Tomlin get the '05 Steelers or the '06 Steelers?
Jaguars141412111814.5All eyes are on the QB position after a mediocre '06.
*Rams151817181018The Rams made sure to get better in the offseason. Will it be enough?
Panthers161621161614.5Good draft, not much else. All eyes on Delhomme with Carr looking over shoulder.
49ers171519142216.5With improving young players, could contend in West and win in '08.
Giants181714192120All eyes on Manning and Brandon Jacobs.
Falcons191918302016.5Will probably stink without Vick, but they still have strong pieces.
Titans202129221519Young will have a lot of weight on his shoulders without more offensive help.
Cardinals212213203022"No, this really is the Cardinals' year, really!"
Chiefs22-T2026172621The QB question still looms, especially with good but not SB-carrying D.
Bills22-T2320212323Went with youth by dumping vets and hoping Losman improves.
Vikings242523293125.5Good defense and Peterson is good RB, but weak WRs and is Jackson ready?
Packers252422232524Favre may be getting an absolutely awful offense. Retire already!
Dolphins262624271928Will Green provide the pick-me-up the team needs?
Lions273027261329The WRs are meeting their potential and Kitna can carry the team, so they could surprise.
Buccaneers282725242925.5A boatload of QBs with other questions going ignored.
Redskins292828252427Campbell must perform or Gibbs could be running back to NASCAR.
Texans302930282731Schaub and Green will help but the OL is still nonexistent.
Raiders313231312832D is good, but even with Russell they were likely to struggle.
Browns323132323230Young team with two top draft picks that could be a big contender... in '08.

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