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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NFL Week 5 SuperPower Rankings

News and notes from the SP rankings:

-If the Pats show even a hint of weakness against the Cowboys, No. 1 will go to the Colts. Dr. Z's SI rankings joined CBS and Fox in ranking the Colts ahead of the Pats this week, leaving the Colts just two more turncoats shy of taking over the top spot in the Consensus Rankings.

-The Chargers are the latest team to be overrated for beating the Broncos.

-You may recall I picked two upsets last week: the Chiefs over the Jags and the Dolphins over the Texans. Neither happened; the only dog I picked to win that actually managed to do that was the Chargers over the Broncos, which caused the rankings to finally put the Broncos in a more correct position. I missed the other two technical upsets, Carolina over New Orleans and the Bears over the Packers, but went 10-for-14.

This week, my upset special may not seem to have a big enough gap in the Consensus Rankings to qualify. I don't agree that the tight pull-out over the Bills shows that the Cowboys have the stuff to "overcome adversity". I think it shows weaknesses other teams can exploit. That said... you can probably see where this is going. That game has probably put that little seed in the minds of the Patriots players: This is an easy one. Oh, and the game is in Dallas. That counts for something.

This week's College Football Rankings are coming out tomorrow.

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