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Saturday, July 12, 2008

In case you're asking: To my knowledge, our landlord has done nothing against them. Who says there's justice in this world?

My downstairs neighbors like to hold all-night parties that hinder my ability to sleep, even though I sleep on the opposite side of the house as their peppy party music, and have classical music of my own on. Sleepy Morgan is cranky Morgan. So if my tendency to lash out when I'm angry ever leads me to commit a crime, and they hold a party the previous night, I'd like to implicate them as accessories to the crime.

A few minutes ago I went downstairs to tell them to keep it down. The person who answered the door was all, "alright, dude. I'm sorry, dude, but we just got this mixer, you're welcome to join us..." (I don't drink or smoke, he's holding a beer can, and I'm intermittently holding my nose, not to mention that I really am sleepy and, unlike them, I have a halfway normal sleep schedule.)

Then as I'm leaving: "It's only midnight."

It's only midnight?

It's only midnight?

This is why I'm trying to get a job...

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