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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This must be what Eric Burns felt after Scott Kurtz gave him such glowing praise and hits.

Wow. Wow.

David Morgan-Mar went beyond just commenting on one of my posts this time, linking to my Darths and Droids review with a thumbs-up on his LiveJournal. (And I didn't even ask for the link!) Between that and Morgan-Mar's various LJ friends, I got 60 hits yesterday and I'm already approaching that mark today, numbers Da Blog has never heard of outside football season.

So a quick welcome to new readers and a polite request to read my various other posts, on webcomics or otherwise. Of course I also invite you to check out my web site, link is on the top of the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Heyoo, I'm one of the new readers from DMM's livejournal. I read through about two or three pages of updates, liked your stuff, and so I created a livejournal syndication feed so that I could keep up with your postings -

I won't be showing up in your hits, but I'm reading!

Fang_Q said...

Morgan Wick, You are becoming more well known. How do you feel about that?