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Monday, August 11, 2008

My indecision could be your gain!

Doing something different with the strip this week. Today I'm starting a little experiment and I can't decide whether to do it for only five days or for a full two weeks. I have four strips in the pipeline; I'm not doing a poll, but I do want to hear whether you want to see more of this or go back to video game stuff, or whatever your thoughts are. Leave a comment on this post (remember, Livejournal comments don't get to me) or e-mail me at mwmailsea at yahoo dot com. Comments will be counted if they're in by Thursday at 8 PM PT.

More Sandsday stuff later today.

1 comment:

Morgan Wick said...

Okay, the strip is up now. I'll explain why it wasn't up, oh, 12 hours ago in a moment.