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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Self-promotion on Da Blog? MY PREROGATIVE!

(From Sandsday. Click for full-sized shameless self-promotion.)

In response to the link to Da Blog's last webcomics post, someone decided to rap on me by claiming I had been "advertising [Sandsday] by spamming its URL across every webcomics commentary site he could find".

Umm... excuse me? I made multiple attempts at pushing it on Websnark but that was because I had thought the previous attempts didn't go through. YWIB utilizes a trackback feature so Da Blog showed up there automatically just because I linked to it; I never attempted to push Sandsday on there at all. Nor have I made any comments on Tangents to my knowledge, Sandsday-pushing or otherwise; if I had commented there it would have been to rap on Robert A. Howard for being so lazy at getting his site back up. I don't even really know of any other "webcomics commentary sites".

There's a link to the strip in my Giant in the Playground forum (=Order of the Stick) sig, but that's my prerogative; in the body of a post there, I've linked to Da Blog as many times as I have to Sandsday, and the latter case I believe was in a thread collecting links to as many webcomics as possible, so that was also my prerogative. If you count TV Tropes Wiki as a "webcomics commentary site" I probably have more links to Sandsday on there than on all other "webcomics commentary sites" put together, but one's on my profile page (my prerogative), one was on the TV Tropes forum looking for feedback and advice (if that), one was on a "notable webcomics" list where the bar for inclusion was basically "a troper has heard of it" (and even then I asked the boards to alleviate my compunctions about it), thus also my prerogative, and there was really only one other case where I linked to the strip purely out of self-promotion. If I had placed links to the strip even in every case where it was actually applicable, I'd be as ubiquitous on TV Tropes as a strip with only 300 strips can be, with a presence far exceeding my (lack of) popularity, but I'm not that kind of self-promoter. (*cough*StickmanAndCube*cough*)

Even now, as I've added a second link, to today's strip, it was on a discussion page even as I could have easily added it to the main article, and it's buried way down on the page so any traffic spike will be minimal and early on. I'm far more concerned about the gap between Da Blog readers and Sandsday readers, so I'm looking to see if you - especially the people following my webcomics posts - have any advice on how to improve while remaining true to the core concept. Was my recent dalliance in political discussion a promising new direction or should I stay out of that field? Leave a comment on this post or on the Sandsday Feedback Open Thread, linked off of the strip itself, or e-mail me at mwmailsea at yahoo dot com.

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