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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Delays, delays, nothing but delays...

You may get Part III of "Webcomics' Identity Crisis" tonight, but I spent much of today goofing off and I'd like to make sure I have all the latest info. It's probably just as well if it gets bumped to tomorrow, because the site that did much to kick off this whole mess appears to have fallen to the same fate as Buzzcomix, at least for the time being. Sounds like you should stay far, far away from Panelbox. (Important: I'm not quite sure if Buzzcomix was running on Panelbox, but the error screen looks the same. Also, despite Panelbox showing up in the URL of the error screen, it appears the site in question, judging by the happenings from Twitter feeds of the proprietors, technically works off a different host. Also, it appears the problem with this particular site was simply running over its bandwidth threshhold.)

UPDATE: I have made a decision. Part III is coming, well, today, Thursday. Part IV is coming tomorrow (Friday), and Part V is coming Tuesday and will double as the monthly OOTS post. Part VI will come Wednesday or a week from today, and I'll have an epilogue to the whole series a week from Friday. Parts V and VI will become far removed from their context, and I'd prefer to have released them today and tomorrow, but it's become unavoidable. To allow maintenance of cohesiveness, all parts of the series will be given the "comic book" label, even though Part VI has little to do with comic books.

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