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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Update on my current situation

I've gotten into big trouble, which could be an understatement. I may be forced to move out of on-campus housing soon. I intend to write up an impassioned defense over the weekend and intend to post it on Da Blog after presenting it on Monday.

If I do get kicked out, it may hamper my ability to work on Da Blog at all.

Although the poll got more responses in one week than comments have produced over the entire time I've solicited for them to pick a blog topic or project to post, it still seemed pretty pathetic. In any event, right now I'm not really in the mood for trying to focus on Da Blog, so I won't be putting up a more serious poll or really paying close attention to what people are saying until this blows over, whatever outcome it may have.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More of the Field Guide to meeting me in person

I cannot abide assumption, tragic misunderstanding, idiotic mistakes, or anything of that sort, especially when they run afoul of me. Be prepared for anything short of me pulling out a knife in that case, especially if I'm already stressed. And don't you dare say you're sorry. That could just send me across the line.