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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One of my many problems

My name is Morgan Wick. As I finish this post, I am 20 years old. By almost any measure, I have reached the stage of life some term "adulthood", that stage most people define by their jobs.

And I'm completely unqualified for any job.

It's not that I wouldn't bring something valuable to the table - I'm probably the smartest person I know. But I've been looking for a job, any job, on campus for a while now, and each quarter there's never more than two or three jobs I'm even remotely qualified for. I've been completely unsuccessful in finding any job, the closest I've come being told that I would get called back for an interview for two jobs and never hearing from them again. Whether it's my lack of communication skills, my lack of "experience", my contribution to saving the environment by not having a driver's licence, or simply my terrible handwriting, something always disqualifies me from most of the jobs available. There's been a special sense of urgency here, since from what I have heard, I won't have the ability to apply work-study funds to an on-campus job unless I already have one by the end of this year.

Even the jobs I might be qualified for are either soul-sucking jobs I would never want, wastes of my mental abilities, or in the case of the one job I have had (the exception that proves the rule), are really excuses for me to goof off.

I think that a lot of the things that disqualify me for far too many jobs are rather irrelevant to how well I might actually do in them. I'm probably fit in some way for a gazillion jobs even at the low level I'm at now with a high school diploma and a smattering of college classes. But many of them won't let me in for reasons that in some cases have little actual bearing on the job itself.

More disturbingly, I can't help but think this may become a trend in my life. I find it hard to focus sometimes, especially on things I don't terribly enjoy, I don't get along with others, and I don't have a clue what I want to do with my life, in part because I have all sorts of things I keep oscillating between as an option and I can't decide between them. I'd probably show up to a job interview in the same clothes I wear every day and perhaps even for work in them, because I don't see what actual bearing wearing "work clothes" has on the actual job you're supposed to do.

Okay, so I got the idea for this post a while back and I was originally going to completely tear into my would-be employers but I completely lost that train of thought. Probably should have started writing it when I first got the idea, but one of the jobs that was going to "schedule an interview" and didn't was this quarter.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Wear a news headline on your shirt!

Comes complete with "I just saw it" on something that will last for years and dating timestamp!

If this catches on, it is clearly a sign of the apocalypse.

Oh where, oh where, have my little readers gone?

I finally have one or two regular readers of the strip that aren't me, and I'd like to remind them that the strip goes up every day including weekends. Because I keep agonizingly waiting for SiteMeter to put up their promised changes and there's a reason I dumped Bravenet, I have no way of knowing whether anyone saw yesterday's strip (at most one person). Which is a damn shame, because I think it's one of my better, funnier ones and I'd hate for it to have gone completely unread the day it was supposed to shine! I don't want my moments of greatest genius to go to waste!