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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Can you believe I had my entire announcement of Truth Court all written up and ready to go, and I click to have my post get published, and my connection HAS to drop at THAT INSTANT, and it turns out that Blogger NOT ONCE saved a copy of my post, and I had to be a dumbass and not give it a current saved draft - WHY did my brain choose THAT MOMENT to brainfart on me?@ lj !!!!!!!!!

If it doesn't come up in the next few moments I'm waiting until next Thursday to announce Truth Court, if I don't wait a few months, if I end up doing it ever.
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(And this isn't just a loss for me. This could end up being a loss for all of America. Because of a stupid screwy library Internet connection and how badly Blogger's autosave function sometimes deals with not having an Internet connection anymore. Shiiiiiit.)

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