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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two out of three ain't bad.

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized dream motivations.)

We've been on a trek across history over the past week or so, and either the recreation of the universe has resulted in changing history, or more likely, we're restarting all the themes at the effective beginning of their respective stories.

(Wouldn't it be funny if the last comic was the same as the first one? Spoilered out to avoid giving David Morgan-Mar any ideas, not that I would object to seeing it if he already came up with the idea.)

But there appears to be an added side effect of the ongoing Irregular Crisis. It appears that Morgan-Mar has now introduced a new "Scientific Revolution" theme.

And this new theme not only includes Ishmael's encounter with Isaac Newton in the afterlife, but also the encounter the Pirates had with Lewis Carroll. (Which appears to have a bug: the former strip skips the latter when you click on the new theme's "Next" button.)

Despite the fact that Carroll lived in the 19th century and Newton in the 17th.

It's apparent that Morgan-Mar has a lot of plans for this theme.

But just enough about it is off-putting to me that it may accelerate my departure from IWC, especially if it becomes clear quickly just what we're doing, which could come as soon as any theme's second strip, especially the new one's.

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