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Friday, July 13, 2007

Post-Summer School Web Site Update

Remember when I said I would have a web site up by July 15? Yeah, about that...

Since I noted that ZendURL was getting negative reviews, many of the problems have been fixed and the control panel has undergone an overhaul. Free-webhosts picked up two reviews while ZendURL was taking no visitors, only one of which - a positive one - is useful.

The result: I'm starting to take ZendURL a bit more seriously again, but since registration came back online there have been no reviews on free-webhosts, and until there are I would be going in blind.

So I will be waiting a bit longer, probably a week or so, before setting up a web site. At that point I will probably "test the waters" with ZendURL for a period and get out if I don't like it. That's if ZendURL doesn't get a spate of negative reviews in the meantime.

Both polls are still ongoing in the meantime, and will terminate whenever a web site gets established.

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