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Monday, September 22, 2008

Four straight OOTS posts! Four straight!

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized vigilante justice.)

I can't tell if this is because I'm starting to succumb to my temptations to post on every edition of OOTS, or just because things are really ramping up in anticipation of the 600th strip.

But it certainly seems odd that a villain built up as much as Kubota has would be wiped out of the plot that easily. Of course, this is hardly the end; Qarr still lurks behind the scenes (and who knows who he represents), for one thing, and Vaarsuvius almost certainly would be brought in for his/her own trial if there's even one supporter of Kubota left (and we did see a ninja seemingly disappear from the fight a few strips back), and maybe even if not - with, if the general consensus on the forums is to be believed, potentially massive consequences.

(If Elan is true Chaotic Good, he sure as hell won't be the one bringing charges against V, freaked-out look aside.)

More interesting is what this says about V's state of mind, which for nearly the past hundred strips has been slowly deteriorating as a result of his/her single-minded quest to find Haley and return her, hopefully with Roy or his body in tow, and go ahead and include Belkar if he's there as well. Whatever moment (s)he doesn't spend on some harebrained scheme to find them is spent on boosting his/her level to the skies to further advance those goals even more.

So it's interesting to read his/her last line: "Now can we PLEASE resume saving the world?"

Now, V has said in the past that "any attempt to locate and resuscitate Sir Greenhilt is also the most reliable means of finding Girard's Gate", which would be the next step in "saving the world", but it seems obvious that V would probably have nothing to do with any trial, and everyone else would only have something to do with his/her quest insofar as they could find things for him/her to fight and gain experience. Which, it would seem, giving Kubota a chance to win aquittal may be the better way to go. (I mean, V just vanquished a gigantic demon summoned by Qarr as a distraction. No matter how high level Kubota may be, he can't compare to a massive demon whose toe is about as big as Durkon.)

So is this a sign that V has finally gotten into contact with Haley? That (s)he has given up the hunt and intends to move on without her or Roy, taking Hinjo and the in-exile government of Azure City instead? Something else? Am I reading too much into a throwaway line?

Well, I'm certainly eagerly anticipating the next episode, at any rate. Then again, I eagerly anticipate every episode.

(PS: I linked to this post from the OOTS forums, so there's a short-term bump going on here.)


Jonah Falcon said...

It just doesn't seem like V cared about whether justice was done or not. Seemed like just removing a distraction out of the way - and this could have disastrous effects on Hinjo's society.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, good point about the chance that V may've successfully scryed on Haley, that thought completely didn't cross my mind. I certainly hope it's true.