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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Important notice on Da Blog's future

Tomorrow (which could be today as you read this) I head back to school. It's important to me that I do as well in school as I can, yet my summer has been positively dominated by Da Blog.

Therefore, posting on Da Blog will be severely curtailed in the near future. Sandsday, the College Football Rankings, the SNF Flex Schedule Watch, the lineal titles, the college football schedule, Sports Watcher, and the Random Internet Discovery will continue as normal, but all else will stop. Which essentially means you can wave goodbye to my webcomic reviews, and even those will continue until my next regularly scheduled OOTS post. In addition, on all of these I will attempt to work as far in advance as possible, except for the College Football Rankings, Flex Schedule Watch, and lineal titles.

1 comment:

Peter C. Hayward said...

Honestly, without the webcomic reviews, I probably won't keep redaing. Everything else I find quite dull; the webcomic reviews are great, and are the content that I keep coming back for.